Feed and raw materials

Trade in feed materials is one of the core activities of AB "Linas Agro". We trade these products not only in the international market, but also supply the majority of the Lithuanian livestock sector. Plant origin feed materials, which are imported from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are becoming an integral part of the feed in our country's largest livestock and bird complexes. We sell sunflower meal pellets, rapeseed cake and meal pellets, soybean meal pellets and granulated sugar beet pulp.

Since 2002, at "Linas Agro" Kėdainiai Grain Center, we have been producing complete feed for ruminants. Therefore, it is convenient for farms that do not have the production capacity, to place an order and purchase ready-made feed for dairy cows or calves of different ages. 
Our trade market for feed materials and animal feed encompasses all three Baltic countries. Today we are the strongest in Lithuania, but we are also entering the Latvian market. In Estonia we trade through partners.

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