Grain purchase

The result of the farmer's work is measured by the yield, which ripens throughout the season on his sown fields. Thus, the sale of grain becomes perhaps the most important business process in plant production, which determines the profitability of the farm.

Having worked in the global grain market for three decades, we have significant experience in advising clients on grain price fluctuations and business threats. We are well-known in both the local and international grain trade market, and we are constantly looking for new directions and opportunities for the sale of Lithuanian and Latvian grain.

Harvests gathered from the fields - food and feed wheat, rapeseed, barley, peas and beans, rye, triticale, oats and corn - is delivered by clients to our grain centers and partner elevators. There, the grain is prepared to match the required quality parameters and transported by ship to international trade waters. We have a motivated team of professionals who are responsible for properly preparaing grain for export markets. Therefore we are constantly striving to increase the demand and competitiveness of Lithuanian and Latvian grain in the vast world of grain consumers and growers. We strive to maintain a high grain quality, so we have acquired GMP +, GTP, ISCC certificates for international trade, and we are also members of the GAFTA trade association, which obliges us to comply with extremely strict requirements.

"Linas Agro" group operates a network of 13 modern grain storage facilities, which includes 10 facilities in Lithuania and 3 in Latvia. We also work together with partner elevators. As a result, our geographical locations enables farmers to deliver the harvest in any region of the country.  Our company is also ready to offer assistance to those who cannot deliver with their own transport. We are a socially responsible company, so we try to transport grain from our elevators to the port by rail. Reducing CO2 emissions is our priority, which coincides with the European Union's green deal. We pay great attention to the purchase of plant agricultural produce that is grown in organic farming. AB "Linas Agro" organic grain trade department specializes in this field.

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